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Zore Law on Twitter

- 1 hour ago

@suitedupwook @loggyrhythm i’m holding it in schwab
h J R

- 16 days ago

@BreeNewsome: Where do you see the establishment calling for a moratorium on the arrests of anyone who protests nonviolently? Where do you see them calling for a ban on the use of teargas? You don’t, b/c they’re only pretending to support nonviolent protests when they really oppose all of it.
h J R

- 20 days ago

@BreeNewsome: Unmarked federal forces being deployed by a president to cities where he isn’t popular is not a “political stunt”, IT’S FASCISM. It’s the actions of a dictator. Even describing it as a “political stunt” is a dangerously watered down use of language. Folks have learned nothing.
h J R

- 29 days ago

Love this! Why are fridges of free food popping up around Oakland?
h J R

- 32 days ago

Defund the police = equitable reallocation of resources. One of the best arguments I’ve heard on this issue.
h J R

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