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Zore Law has helped emerging companies, artists, and entrepreneurs see their creations become market leaders. Our clients are ground breakers in technology, entertainment, and cannabis. They change the world through their artistic vision and rapid innovation. Zore Law’s culture reflects the hardworking, entrepreneurial spirit of our client base. Our smaller size allows us to more quickly pivot in response to our clients’ changing business needs. Unlike traditional law firms, we understand that the legal issues our clients face often hinge on a finite set of resources.

Premier client service is the foundation of our practice.   We act as strategic partners to our clients by leveraging our expertise to provide innovative, pro-active, and cost-effective legal services. At Zore Law, we pride ourselves in providing strategic counsel to help resolve challenging issues that arise when the law lags innovation.

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- 1 hour ago

@suitedupwook @loggyrhythm i’m holding it in schwab
h J R

- 16 days ago

@BreeNewsome: Where do you see the establishment calling for a moratorium on the arrests of anyone who protests nonviolently? Where do you see them calling for a ban on the use of teargas? You don’t, b/c they’re only pretending to support nonviolent protests when they really oppose all of it.
h J R

- 20 days ago

@BreeNewsome: Unmarked federal forces being deployed by a president to cities where he isn’t popular is not a “political stunt”, IT’S FASCISM. It’s the actions of a dictator. Even describing it as a “political stunt” is a dangerously watered down use of language. Folks have learned nothing.
h J R

- 29 days ago

Love this! Why are fridges of free food popping up around Oakland? https://t.co/USNE5G38ix
h J R

- 32 days ago

Defund the police = equitable reallocation of resources. One of the best arguments I’ve heard on this issue. https://t.co/udF9CGZcOc
h J R

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